The business development and management techniques would be as follows:

  1. Make sure you point your sales and marketing team in the right direction for profitable business.

  2. Selling to the right person, the decision maker, is critical.

  3. When we do our quarterly analysis of our best clients, we consistently get results that stress how important our white-glove clients are. Our top 80 percent of sales are generated from less than 20 percent of our clients.

  4. Ask questions of your clients. Listen carefully. If you are talking more than 50 percent of the time, you are talking 10 times too much. Your job is to probe and understand what the prospect's problems are so you can save the day.

  5. Don't sell what you offer. Sell what the client’s needs. By listening carefully to their requirements, you will refine your pitch and your product offering to make sure you are addressing their needs.

  6. Go the extra mile with your white-glove clients and they will embrace you and shower you with opportunities. You can only have respect if you know them and their business model deeply.

  7. Proactively meet prospects early in the economic boom that is charging our way.

  8. Get active in your business community. Do not be a wallflower. Join associations that dovetail with your best prospects' interests. Volunteer for industry committees and network with this select group of high-value targets. Rise to the top of these organizations to generate deserved prestige in your industry. The orders are bound to flow.

  9. First things first--alleviate the client's pain. Drop everything and fix problems.

  10. Once you nail the big clients, give them amazing service. Meet your deadlines.

The business development is not only for the betterment of the business and to make money. But also it is to attain loyalty from the employees and the clients to ensure long term sustenance. It may not be possible if the employees are not trained properly and if they are not directed to work efficiently in the right path or direction. It is to ensure that the main aspect is to attain the common goals and to acquire excellence. If the employer does not train or direct the employees, then they cannot work accordingly and the organization cannot attain perfection. This is the reason why the development and management is required. To find out whether the set targets are met and whether the goals are accomplished and are the clients staying with the company for long and maintain loyalty towards the company. These techniques help the employers and the employees to find out the right way to deal with things and to find out how to avoid deviation from attaining the goals of the organization effectively, efficiently and with minimum cost as well as time.